About Robyn Eggs

robyn eggs with painting of pumpkin spirit

About Robyn Eggs

Straight from an 80s womb, Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for even the littlest of things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Vision requires first to see, for, the point of conception is the apex of creation.

Peer through the portals, as Robyn Eggs provides a treat for the Third Eye. Artist and poet, she divines her inspiration from the Goddess. Nature is her church. The magic which resides throughout is never absolute. Her world is a series of events pouring out from the hands of fate.

Writing sample: Robyn Eggs

“Skins Ignite”

Skins ignite
Trust in flight
What a gorgeous night
Lucid loss
I took it all
Shorts went flying
There I fall
Watching it all
Ruined lips
Hearing it all
Having a ball
Giving in to what feels right
It’s me you’re going to ignite…

Written by Lady Robyn Eggs
September 2, 2017

Unconsidered Congenialities

“Winter despairs us, no?” Free-writing highlighting the loftiest heights of the lofty. And then some. And joy is the new year upon us soft like…
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Writing sample: Robyn Eggs

“Ugly” – A Ballad

I am very ugly
To her – she’s the one
That called me Sir Ugly
Ugliest one under the sun
My broken skull
Torn and bleak
She came to me full
Tall and sleek
My many pieces I tried
To pull together to hold
Her to me when she cried
Her body was never as cold
I did not have the power
To lift her above my head
Instead I was a coward
To the magnificence she held
I am very ugly
To her – she’s the one
That called me Sir Ugly
Ugliest one under the sun
As I stumbled through
She strode with grace
I sank in the sloe
While she held face
So she left me ugly
Drowning in all my shit
With my title – Sir Ugly
And my pale skull split
I am very ugly
To her – she’s the one
That called me Sir Ugly
Ugliest one under the sun

Written By Robyn Eggs
Robyn Eggs artist tribute painting art
Art by @girlbeforemirror

Robyn Eggs seeks to create outrageous art, just for you weirdos. She strives to promote and uplift her fellow artists and community. Mother, Veteran, and Business owner, she wears many hats.

Original art from inner turmoil – a creation of emotion, with a splash of Pop! She is committed to making something new from something old. Upcycling – an artistic movement a hippie can get behind.

Boom! She wants to make art in a way no one has yet. Seeking her own vision, she has used art to conquer her wounds and afflictions. Today she presses on, making more art for therapy. Weird or not, she continues to create pieces that tell a story. These pieces join us together, in our woes. Each piece hold intimate expression and yearning.

Yearning on, Robyn Eggs has decided to share her passion for the dark and gloomy with all her dark and weary peeps out there. No more road blocks. Now it’s time to turn that affliction into creation. Please enjoy her art and donate to her cause, through your purchase.

Not forgetting everything that has happened, this little Robyn Eggs will not bite. Reach out and ask her a question. Robyn Eggs is happy to answer all inquisitions by email, at robyneggsandtoast@gmail.com.

Photo by NebCat Photography


I hope you will reach out to me. Please stay in touch.

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Collectibles Inventory:

Poetry Collage Art (4.2019)

(18) 12 x 12″ 

(6) 8 x 10″ 

Animal Dishes (available 9.2020)

(4) 12 x 12″

  • No. 1 – Boar
  • No. 2 – Arctic Hare
  • No. 3 – Fish
  • No. 4 – Jaguar

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