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CAW Spotlight: Kris Mitchell

June 20th, 2019
Pegasus Art Gallery
Corvallis, OR

Did you join us last Thursday?

Every third Thursday, the Corvallis Arts Walk (CAW) is held in downtown Corvallis. Also at the University, not far away. Local artists work their butts off to compile special showcases on this day. This June 2019 Showcase features art in the Old World Deli and the Pegasus Art Gallery on Second Street.

Kris Mitchell – June Artist

Kris Mitchell’s Collection will be on display during the months of June and July, in downtown Corvallis. You can find her coveted collection at the Pegasus Art and Framing Gallery on Second Street (adjacent to the new Hilton) inside the Old World Deli.

Imbued with a lifetime of practice, Kris Mitchell’s work has stirred me. I love her 3D effects. Her technique lifts her still life paintings right off the canvas. It brings her masterpieces to life. Her scenery paintings are absolutely stunning. Her impressionist style is more than impressive, it’s delightful – playful – brilliant! You may find yourself lost in the gentle colors – lost in the scene. If you can, go look-see at the Pegasus today. You might just walk away with a painting in hand.

Many of her paintings can be found on her Facebook page. Keep up on her work or ask her a question, Kris is happy to answer. She told me that painting has always been a part of her. It is her first love. And I believe it.

Mini Spotlight – Jesús Cruz

Jesús Cruz presented his fun and joyful prints on linoleum. His all original work touts special drawings by his son. He is very proud of their work together. He also mentions his Father fondly. 🔆 This is a fond pastime for him as well as at present. Jesús Cruz is celebrating the joyful side of life with his curious and classic prints.

His display inside the hallway, and on the walls of the Old World Deli, was a unique treat to experience. Classic lines define timeless designs, with endless possibilities. Even just a postcard, or a printed apron, would be a delight for someone you love, or even just like. 😉 Hopefully you can snatch them all.

Up and Coming

Jeremy Smith – Mathematical artist ➕➖
Monday 1 July – Wednesday 31 July


“Show locally, sell globally”

Truckenbrod Gallery
517 SW Second Street
Corvallis, OR

“Thank you for appreciating my show-and-tell. Your turn.

Straight from an 80s womb, Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for even the littlest of things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Vision requires first to see, for, the point of conception is the apex of creation. Take a trip into another dimension, or just peer through the portals, as Robyn Eggs provides a treat for the Third Eye.

Summer Mixed Media

After seeing the beautiful show by Kris Mitchell, I wanted to make my very own Summer mixed media piece. I started by combining rose petals with glitter. An acrylic background came first, using sponges. Refinement of the border occurred, using a mosaic of ripped paper. And then came the googley eyes…

Now the piece is hanging out in the garage where it is receiving multiple coats of polyurethane. The rose petals are standing up on their bases, and they will need to be preserved. It should be ready in another 3 days, or 3 coats.

  • Robyn Eggs
    Happy Summer Solstice!

Corvallis Arts Walk

Walk the CAW in Oregon. Hot spot for art near Oregon State University. Check out downtown as well as various showings on campus. Here is a link to the Steemit post on the January 2018 CAW. Next Corvallis Arts Walk – Thursday, June 20th, 2019. Hope to see you there!

*(Above) Photos are from the Pegasus Art Gallery. Pictures posted with permission.

More is coming soon!

Look for the latest blurb about the Corvallis Arts Walk 2019.