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Depression Throwback – Millennials are living in the 1980s, at Grandma’s House.

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Millennials are living in the 1980s, at Grandma’s House. If they are smart…

As millennials

We have apps that save us money.
We have apps that bring in trickles of side-money.
Coupon apps. Youtube. Snapchat.
Lyft / Uber.
We recycle.
And we upcycle.
We invent.
And we reinvent.

We create.
And we make content.
We upload. And we download.
We digest information like it’s potato chips.
And we SAVE it all.
Somewhere, at least.
Like on Pintrest or Facebook.
All without killing paper. Or walking to the library.

And we shop around for the best deal.
Student discounts. Virtual sales. Or
Cool thrift shops.
One store for this and one store for that.
If we’re smart, we wait FOREVER for that prized
FASHION ITEM to go on sale. #gryffindor_for_life
We will take home scraps from Mom
Or unbury scraps at Goodwill.

We will join Facebook groups for garage sales.
We will subscribe to newsletters for deals.
We will hunt and peck around corners
For free boxes. And ask for leftover newspapers in the
Coffee shops. (For ransom note poetry.)
Seriously, that ONE fashion item can make a whole wardrobe.
And the shoes. And the purses.
All for pennies on the dollar. Made in China.

Made in the cheapest place possible.
Shipped by the cheapest means possible.
<insert child labor guilt>
But, if we are smart, we are buying our grains in bulk.
And eating less meat. Eating out. Or
Eating for cheap. Cheapest.
Taco Bell. McDonald’s. Golden arches.
Golden recession. Another depression...

And this is why millennials are living in their 1980s Grandma’s House.
This is why we are living like it is the Great Depression.
Because we can. Because we should.
Because it is smart.

Robyn Eggs

Thrifter and gifter, I loved my 1980s Grandma’s House. I will never forget the olive greens and burnt oranges; the large wooden spoons and moulded glassware. I will never forget the wallpaper, drapes, nor the linens made into children’s frocks. Literally sacs for frocks. And rags for rugs. “Have you seen my jumper, Mama?”

Corvallis Arts Walk

Walk the CAW in Oregon. Hot spot for art near Oregon State University. Check out downtown as well as various showings on campus. Here is a link to the Steemit post on the January 2018 CAW. Next Corvallis Arts Walk – Thursday, June 20th, 2019. Hope to see you there!

*(Above) Photos are from the Pegasus Art Gallery. Pictures posted with permission.

More is coming soon!

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