First NFT Collection for sale on

Welcome to the “Galaxy Abstracts” Collection — my first series of digital art for sale on the Etherum blockchain. A one-of-a-kind collection available only only Now you can collect them all – store them in your wallet, and trade them as you please. These digital assets include rights of usage. Design new album covers, or use them as covers for digital books. This collection is one spaced out piece! As a sci-fi lover and 1980’s culture enthusiast, this is a prime example of what inspires me everyday. I hope to travel to distant stars and planets, but until then, I can dream about them. Original photography and graphic edits reveal what the future may hold. Nature is a millennia, please join in the fun and adventure with these whimsical ways to get lost.

The Ice Witch:

Labrynth Lovers Unite:

Look for slower traffic times for prime purchase opportunities…prices fluctuate with the market.