Written for the Ode Contest on Steemit.com

Robyn Eggs Photography

oh lawn chair

broken and amiss

won’t you covet me like I covet you

and tell me of your miss?

it was like chalk in the dark

a white against the night

a slippery gooey substance

not to be missed on sight

this image i imagine her in

your miss oh broken lawn chair knight

if only we could discover we were kin

and live on forever as a kite in the wind

a family house 

so unique

a proud house


a questioning house 

of drunken debauchery

a luring, lucid, sudden reason

to rid the world of a sizeable treason

wont you tell me of her, finally

for i am questioning if she’s even a she…

wait a second,

how do lawnchairs breed???

Straight from an 80s womb, Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for the littlest of things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Artist and poet, she divines her inspiration from the Goddess. Nature is her church.unique eye captures a different point of view. Artist and poet – inspired by the Goddess.

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