Poetry for Autumn

The chill is in the air. That cool breeze that signals the trees to turn color. Please enjoy this hand-selected batch of poems for the change in season. OX Bye bye birthday month. Hello back to skool…

“Leaf Collecting”

Leaf collecting
Chocolate raspberry
Dreaming of taking a trip
With angels, sinking
The aftertaste
You’re right, you said
It’s quite ripe for the drinking
So, on the phone,
We are speaking
Speaking of leaving
Speaking of drinking
And losing the battle
Of staying behind lines
Of other people’s thinking
We were dreaming
Of summer

– Robyn Eggs

“A Bag in a Box”

A bag in a box
A box in a bag
I want to create you
In soft, little sags…

Tips of the pen
So supple and sweet
Nothing so dead
As what’s risen, cheap
Plastic parts, amiss
I steep myself in leeks
And onions to make
Me weep, and I sigh
At the thought of you
And I lie to the masses
Just to save you
But you got high
And played me,
Just a bag in a box…

“DOWN sets the Moon”

Down sets the moon
But it will rise again
Down sets the moon
But the pies will be wed
To the lips of my mouth
It’s this that was said:
“A pool of glass, fall into
the shards and be bled.”
Now, no more to say…
But, “I am dead.”

Stanza 2

Pour me out…pour me
Out of the moon –
Ladle me out
With a spoon…
(Drink me in, I croon)

Wandering wayfare
Tickets to see the
Have left in ruin
Has reached ears
Ringing out true
Screaming names
I found

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Business owner, Mother and veteran, Robyn Eggs wears several hats. Artist and poet, she divines her inspiration from the Goddess. Her world is a series of events pouring out from the hands of fate.  All artists are welcome to apply for featured slots on this website. Just email: robyneggsandtoast@gmail.com

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