2020 Upcycled Weird

“2020 Upcycled Weird” brings with it some wounds of its own. After tearing apart the old pages once lost, paint and glitter collided to leave me with these gems. Get yours now, because these unique pieces won’t last. In the Year of the Rat, rat-finking is the way to go. Hoarders for life. It is also the birth of Bitcoin. 12 years already has passed and now you can purchase my 2020 upcycled weird art with digital currency. Mind blown. Might as well purchase something strange that will make a lasting impression. It’s as weird as it gets over here, in Robyn Eggs land, and it’s only going to get weirder…This year REA hopes to get more local exposure. She hopes to see you around Linn-Benton county. She also looks to place her art in some nifty PDX cafes, as well. At minimum, 2020 will be a most fabulous and surprising year. Oh, so much more to upcycle…This new conglomerate features old skool images as well as new skool fashion barfs. What a sick combo. Cant wait to upcycle the world. Nostaglia for life. #wickedwiles #thriftshopscores #discovertheweird #woundedweirdos

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