End of the World Lampshades

These funky-and-punky, weird, “End of the World”, nostalgic collage lampshades will keep your bedside woes away. Brighten your living area with a little fashion flare throwback. Now with buttons because you weren’t trying to impress anyone anyway, right? Show off your trash-chic style with these usable works of art. These lampshades are hand-made and sealed to last. Use with low wattage bulbs only. Use in the dark. Discover something new each time you look at it. Surprise and delight your teenager. Makes for a great white elephant gift exchange item. No one will ever guess where you found it! Robyn Eggs painstakingly chose each little scrap of paper. Each segment was lovingly designed with crafty care and discouragement. No-one likes these but me anyways. They look amazing with wood furniture and other rustic items. Very hippie-chic. 100% upcycled from used lampshades. #repurpose #reducewaste #reuse #funkyfurniture

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