Plague Poetry Prints

Plague poetry prints

All-original poetry written by Robyn Eggs and Toast. Robyn Eggs retains all rights and credit for her unique words. Permission to print is granted with purchase.

Hang them on the wall. Set them on your desk. Hide them in the library. Place them in the pantry. No matter where you hide these great prints, you will most certainly enjoy them! Give one to your crazy Aunt. Surprise your Mother. Your best friends will be shocked you love them so much…

Warning: Sarcasm alert! Plague poetry prints contain underlying hints and subtleties which may be inappropriate for very young audiences. They will, however, go over most everyone’s head. It is up to the individual to decide on discretion.

Robyn Eggs has created these graphics from her very favorite bits of poetry (she has ever written). More wounded tragedy will be released in the future. But for now, enjoy these dubious office decor delights.

*Download link expires in 24 hours!

Show your love of the dark with this all-original sick and scarred (printable) poetry collection by Robyn Eggs. After all, there is a beauty in tragic romance.

Straight from an 80s womb, Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for even the littlest of things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Vision requires first to see, for, the point of conception is the apex of creation. Take a trip into another dimension, or just peer through the portals, as Robyn Eggs provides a treat for the Third Eye.

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