Black Birds Fly 16×20


Dimensions: 16 x 20″
Acrylic and mixed media, on canvas. Sealed. Unframed.
All original hand crafted art. Be unique. Give the gift that’s one-of-a-kind.

“Black Birds Fly”
Dimensions: 16 x 20″

Black birds Fly. Striking out against the norm, these beautiful birds fly in space. On a floating space tree. With space behind them. I set out to make birds from paper, just like I saw on Pintrest. But, of course they did not come out the same. Not even close. Way better. In fact, I realized I could make a bird out of just about anything! So, I hand-selected some old images to embellish our glorious holiday – MLK day. Black history is imperative to our cultural understanding. Our industry once thrived at the hands of slaves, and that was not ok! Slavery is bad and freedom is good. Let’s celebrate the ultimate freedom together, in space! In space we can be the ultimate in free. Free to collide with heavenly bodies in the sky. Plus glitter. Posh. And prosperity for all!!

Acrylic paint and mixed media, on canvas. Surface sealed with clear coat. [Unframed]
*Each painting comes with a hand-made thank you card!

All original, hand-crafted art. Be unique and give the gift that’s one-of-a-kind. Each piece is individual and has a story all its own. Watch for links to read more on the process and story behind each new piece.

Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for even the littlest of ugly things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Take a trip inside the mind of Robyn Eggs and discover her passion for tragic romance and the otherworldly wavelengths, man…

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions16 × 20 × 1 in