The Spirit of the Grand Pumpkin (Framed) 30×40

$2,500.00 price-including-tax

Dimensions: 30 x 40″
Hand signed.

After watching Charlie Brown over and over again with my Autistic son, the Spirit of the Grand Pumpkin has arisen! He comes from another dimension, with a sack full of toys slung on his back. The sincere girls and boys await him in the pumpkin patch and boy is Linus in for a surprise! This time it’s NOT Snoopy! Complete with pipe, this holiday spirit is best in low light. Just like the cartoon, purple and brown dominate the sky colors, as the pumpkin patch is waited in at night. A splash of glitter represents the magic of child-like wonder. Are you as surprised as me to see the Grand Spirit here tonight? Before now we weren’t sure if he existed – now we can be sure he does!!

Acrylic and mixed media, on canvas. Sealed. Now framed by Pegasus Gallery.
All original hand crafted art. Be unique. Give the gift that’s one-of-a-kind.

Straight from an 80s womb, Robyn Eggs breaks the mold with her abstraction and appreciation for even the littlest of things. Her unique eye captures a different point of view. Vision requires first to see, for, the point of conception is the apex of creation. Take a trip into another dimension, or just peer through the portals, as Robyn Eggs provides a treat for the Third Eye.

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**Each painting includes a hand-made thank you card!

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 2 in