Vampire (Poetry) 2019 III

Sparkly sunset
Even vampires can sparkle in the sunset…

Vampire III

Stanza 1

Once I was breathing
The dawn caressing my face
Once I was bleeding
But then it was all erased
Now I am sinking
Through eternal space
My face never blinking
My face permanently erased
Am I doomed? Maybe not
Maybe I’ve been gifted –
For many men have sought
To be from mortality lifted
Yet banished to night
Forced to prey
My instincts I fight
But all I can do is pray
Yet banished to night
I creep away
My feet take flight
Here comes the rising day
What’s left of my mind?!
These alien instincts
They drive me blind
They drive me to the brinks
Of this terrible bind

Stanza 2

What defines a soul
But its individual thoughts
What keeps a human whole
But that its mind doesn’t rot
So what am I now
Why can I no longer accentuate
What I’m feeling and how
My being a mere conglomerate
A bundle of bodily commands
Feed, prey, and run away…

Stanza 3

So I look down at my hands
Can I feel guilt today?
How can I define this state?
Only define what it is not
Without time I have no fate
Without hell there is no hot
Every day it becomes harder
Harder to wonder about life
About becoming a martyr
And experiencing human strife

Stanza 4

Once I was breathing
I can remember seeing
But dreams and memories
Are harder to retain
As is my body to stain
Now every dawn
Drives me away
I’m like a pawn
To the light of day
And all I can do is pray…

Robyn Eggs

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*This poem is Copyright Robyn Eggs 2019. All original poetry is credit solely to me. Do not reproduce.

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